Kids Room Furniture and Inspiration: Creating Reading Spaces Full Of Magic

Every child would have to have their magical corner of reading. A space in which to learn, to dream and to lose enjoying the wonderful world of the stories and their room

To help them create a space full of fantasy in which to develop knowledge and stimulate their creativity and imagination to the maximum … you have to choose a suitable children’s furniture and suitable space so that the children can comfortably enjoy reading.

I have compiled some ideas and advice that can come to you:

A space for stories!

Discover the possibilities offered by children’s furniture

Blue magazine rack seen in Pinterest, corner with shelves and books seen in Baby center, wire structure to wall view in Pinterest, yellow wire structure is seen in Pinterest, metal baskets seen in Chic baby home and fine shelves seen on Pinterest.

Organizing the books in a comfortable and practical way will help children also participate in the maintenance and order of the reading corner. If we put all the books stacked on top of each other, all we’ll get is that all the pile made a mess and some stories left forgotten at the bottom of the mountain.

So with this in mind, we can use whatever we come up with to organize our stories in the most effective way. There are many different solutions in children’s furniture: from the classic shelves to simple shelves, through shelves, trunks, magazine racks, baskets, boxes, cabinets … etc.

DIY Ideas for Small Libraries

Box with wheels views in Diy family timestaircase with books seen in Mommo design, white case for books seen in Luas, printed case seen in roomzaar.

Let’s not forget the “do it yourself” options and the recycling to build reading corners with a lot of personalities. With a little imagination and dedication, we can get fantastic ways to classify our stories: A wooden box with wheels, a staircase or practical cloth covers, can be great supports for children’s furniture that we choose for the area.

The collection of stories must be accessible, choose children’s furniture suitable for them

This is a fundamental rule! But although it seems obvious, many times we get carried away by the emotion of the decoration and we forget aspects as basic as this one.

It is important to make it easier for them and when they want to take a book they can do it without needing an adult. For this to be possible, we will have to choose children’s furniture according to their measurements and storage systems specially designed for them, easy to handle.

Place them in a way that gets their attention

B & N room seen in Hus & Hem, color-coded bookcase in Pinterest and black shelves seen in NIB.

Another aspect to take into account is the disposition of the stories, that strategically place as a claim to reading.

Although we occupy more space … if we have the front covers front, we will call much more attention of the children, than if we only leave the back in sight, just as if we put them by colors.

Striking environments that invite reading

Clouds installation of Sara Hoobs view on solomon projects and shelf tree view in the fourth color.

The reading corner should be a free space in which children can have fun and go whenever they feel like it. But we can help make that space more attractive and interesting for them through decorative stimuli that encourage them to use that corner. In this way, we will avoid that they associate reading with a task forced and boring … Reading is a pleasure! And for that very reason, we must create an ideal and relaxed environment that transmits to children that reading is fun and magical.

Taking into account the tastes of our son, we can play with specific themes setting the space according to that idea that will be a safe bet! Customizing standard children’s furniture, we can get boring brown shelves to become the trunk of a tree or a simple bed to become magical clouds …

Castle princesses, explorers in the middle of the jungle, daring astronauts, brave pirates or futuristic robots … Choose a theme and look for inspiration on it!

A haven to imagine and dream

Canopy with cushions and cuddly toys seen in Elinochalva, flower cottage with luminous decorations seen on Pinterest, cloth house seen in Amamillo, rocket seen in Pinterestcardboard box seen in Pequeocio, Indian tipi seen on Pinterest.

Children love to hide, have a secret shelter in which to feel protected and find a little intimacy to get into the adventures of their stories, and how about we help them a little?

There are fantastic ideas to provide them with mysterious corners full of fantasy. Get yourself some fabrics and build a hut or some cardboard and fly your imagination … What if we travel to the world of stories in a spaceship?

Provide comfort

Armchair with storage seen in Pinterest and corner with mat seen in Aparthmenttherapy 

To create a real reading corner, near the small library we have to provide a comfortable space where children can read their stories quietly. We can look for children’s furniture such as: small armchairs, chairs or puffs that make their reading more comfortable or relax in areas with soft mattresses, various cushions, and soft carpets. There is nothing more comfortable than being able to travel to the world of stories lying on the ground, but always with a plus of comfort and protected from the cold avoiding direct contact with the ground.

Good lighting

Corner of artificial lighting seen in Better after and corner with natural lighting seen in Paper blog

Finally, we must provide adequate lighting to our reading corner. A good window that provides natural light or although we choose a more intimate corner, it is important to invest in artificial lighting that allows a reading respectful of the view.


You already have all the keys to creating wonderful reading corners!

Do you love each other? 
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