7 Inspirations for Decorating Indoor Terrace Gardens

Some days ago we talked about small balconies with charm and most of the time when we think of gardens, patios or terraces; the first thing that comes to mind is an area outside the dwelling. However, we can also opt for wonderful indoor terraces whether as a natural light source, to divide spaces, to communicate stays or simply because we feel like it! So yes accounts with space to make a small interior garden, here are some ideas and a good dose of inspiration to decorate interior terraces.indoor terrace garden

Ideas for Indoor Terrace gardens

Greenhouse inspiration: enjoy the outdoors from within

This option is the most spectacular and for this, we need a lot but a lot of space but, let’s dream a little before landing in more realistic options.

Spectacular glass houses that appear in the middle of nature and allow us to contemplate their beauty from warm and cozy interiors. Can you imagine having a snack while it snows?

Living rooms were reading a good book, chatting with friends, listening to good music, a different dining room or a secret garden may be some of the options to make in a greenhouse-inspired garden. What do you think?

In addition to the greenhouse option, there are other ways of creating outdoor spaces within the home with the help of large windows and without the need to create a shed outside the home. Rooms, where you can see the stars, enjoy the sea or cook in the middle of the forest, are some of the alternatives that we can achieve with this option.

A small garden light source

When we create an indoor terrace, in addition to getting a green space inside the house we can get an important light source. For the maintenance of live plants, it is important that our small indoor garden is equipped with natural lighting. So it will serve to illuminate our interior space very nicely.

A touch of zen

The gardens of Japanese inspiration are very relaxing and convey much peace and tranquility. Minimalists and very good care can be the perfect choice to achieve the perfect balance in your home.

If you are lovers of Japanese gardens and you do not have outside space to have one, why not choose to create a small indoor Zen terrace?

The low stairs that are often unused could be a good place to create one. Elements such as stones, bamboo or water element can help you recreate zen-inspired gardens.

A garden under the stairs


The bottoms of the stairs are often unused and why not take advantage of them with an elegant garden? Not much is needed and we can choose options that are easy to maintain and that do not get dirty much to avoid unnecessary work.

There are many options we have, from creating leafy carpets to more minimalist solutions. In both of us, we can play with ambient lighting and get magical corners. Do you like the idea?

Plant a tree in the middle of the living room

From the living room or any other stay in your house, can you imagine? No matter if it is small or large, a safe tree will surprise and add that natural touch to your home. Why cut down trees to build houses if we can adapt to them and integrate them into the decoration?

Directly planted on the ground, with a flowerpot or glazed like a piece of the museum to prevent rain from entering the interior of the house. How do you prefer it?

Decoration of interior terraces: The vertical garden

Inside the different variants of the decoration of interior terraces, we can also talk about the vertical gardens. Ideal if we do not have space on the outside or in the interior for our garden. With them, we get a very spectacular effect and it is a way to bring nature closer to the interior of our house.

An interior patio to organize the spaces at our whim

In addition to being a decorative element, it can also be functional and a creative and original solution at any given time. To separate the dining area from the living room we can use an interior garden to delimit the spaces or to indicate the way by a long hallway.

In addition to using terraces or indoor gardens to enhance light, create a green space or take advantage of the lower stairs, we can also use them to separate, delimit, indicate the way, highlight environments or communicate.

You can see that wonderful terraces can be made, depending on the space we have and the possibilities we can choose one or the other and add our more personal style. As always, if you have wanted more, you will find more ideas on my Pinterest.

Which option did you like the most?

Are you more of the Zen minimalism or luxuriant and jungle patio?

Tell me, I’ll love you!

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