How to Create Guard Spaces in the Bathroom

If you need more space in the bathroom to keep the many elements of hygiene and beauty you have, here you will find some ideas and suggestions.guard space bedroom

How to create guard spaces in the bathroom

Save everything in the bathroom

The living space is never left in the home. Even if you live in a large house or apartment, it seems that if you do not have enough guard space, the environments will shrink a little more each day.

In the bathroom, this is especially noticeable. This is most likely due to the fact that in the bathroom we have many small items, including personal hygiene, oral hygiene, beauty, creams, lotions, combs, hair fasteners, shower sponges, exfoliators and an endless of small elements without which our life does not seem to be the same.

For this reason, we will create extra storage spaces in the bathroom, without leaving space for this busy stay in our home.

More space above the cup

The area above the cup is an empty space in the bathroom. When sitting or standing in front of it, this wall space is always free. So, use it to place shelves, ceiling or wall-mounted grab bars, where you can store towels, towels, bathrobes or whatever you prefer.

“It seems that if you do not have enough guard space, the environments will be reduced a little more each day.”

If you have a bidet in the bathroom, then repeat this action to take advantage of the space above the appliance. You could even put cabinets or shelves that take advantage of the whole width, creating a unique space of guard to the sight or hidden with doors that protect its contents of the dirt of environment, as well as of the steam of the shower.

Create a piece of furniture under the sink

If you have a simple standing sink, then you have at your disposal a potential storage space. With simple wood, such as DMA or MDF, you can create a board that conceals the foot, with two sides and a front that can form a shelf that does not exceed the dimensions of the top of the sink, so as not to inconvenience the use of the element.

Then you will have two sides available. There you can place simple wooden shelves, or adjust baskets and boxes of wood fastened with screws or with locks (suctions). There you can put items of daily use that do not require to be kept or protected from steam, such as combing elements, toys for the child’s bath, or also body creams and lotions in their containers.

With the same technique, you can create a piece of furniture that conceals the simple foot of the sink. Lay two side kinds of wood and join them with slats. Then, with hinges, place one or two front doors, or a simple sliding curtain. Add the shelves that you consider necessary, and you already have a storage space that can be used in your bathroom.

“If you have a simple foot basin, then you have at your disposal a potential guarding space.”

When you create shelves or wooden furniture for the bathroom, you should try to make them appropriately for this room taking into account the steam and the high temperature. Paint the woods and protect them with varnish, and remember to place ceilings or feet that separate it from the floor, at least one centimeter. In this way, the furniture and bathroom elements will be well protected from the water in the floor and in the air.

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