How to Avoid Accidents in the Kitchen

Children can go higher and have more strength than we imagine, no precaution is little when it comes to the safety of the smallest in the home.Avoid Accidents in the Kitchen

How to Avoid Accidents in the Kitchen

Prevention of accidents in the kitchen

Domestic accidents are one of the leading causes of infant death, and cooking is one of the places where they occur frequently. The most common are burns and blows or falls.

Avoiding them is not as difficult as we imagine, we just have to take some simple precautions.

Tips to prevent accidents in the kitchen

  • Prevent children from entering the kitchen when cooking or at least not near. Clear boundaries should be established with respect to this topic.
  • Burning with hot cooking liquids is one of the most common and leaving a large percentage of cosmetic sequels.
  • The pots should always be with the handles facing the kitchen, pointing towards the wall.
  • And with respect to the oven, if there are children in the kitchen, take a precaution to place a device that prevents them from opening it.
  • Never open the pressure cookers until all the steam has cooled off.

Avoid accidents with dangerous objects in the kitchen

Sharp objects

Other causes of accidents are all sharp and sharp objects that are inside this environment, such as scissors, knives, forks, etc. The drawers containing these elements must have a safety catch and must always be closed and locked, must not be open or unlocked at any time that is the time of neglect that a child needs to get hurt.

“The pots should always be with the handles in the kitchen, pointing towards the wall.”

Accidents with electronic devices

The electronic devices should be placed in the middle of the table or countertop and not at the edges, the cables should not hang (children can take it and pull it with the danger of throwing the device and get hurt) and the plugs must be in good condition.

Toxic elements in the kitchen

All products that serve for cleaning have a high degree of toxicity, so under no circumstances or excuse should we leave them (even for a few seconds) within reach of children or even elderly people with mental wear, not packaging them in containers Of drinks to drink. And even if we store them in high places, just as their doors must have a security lock. Their intake causes irreversible damages that in most cases end in death.

Avoid fires in the kitchen

Take care that the curtains are not located near plugs, light bulbs and even less close to the burners. Any wind can move them and cause a fire.

“Electronic devices should be placed in the middle of the table or table and not at the edges.”

Do not leave cloth or tablecloth near burners and also on stoves but they are hot since the heat of the same can ignite those fabrics.

Placing a fire extinguisher (making sure the fire department closest to our home is the most convenient to acquire), in the kitchen and making sure that it is well-known, can be a great help in the event of a fire.

General care to avoid accidents in the kitchen

  1. Do not use any microwave container, only those that are exclusively suitable for that use. We can cause an explosion.
  2. Close the gas supply switches when you finish cooking and always before going to bed to leave the house.
  3. The garbage can must be somewhere inaccessible, and children can become intoxicated or cut off with their contents.
  4. Crockery or any material that breaks and whose parts may be cutting, it is best to place it in the high areas of the cupboard and leave in the low ones those of plastic and pots.
  5. Plastic bags should never be in a drawer or place accessible for the smallest, are safe causes of suffocation.
  6. Always check the temperature of the food before serving a child, since the child can eat a large bite or eat breakfast and cause severe burns.

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