6 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Furniture On Wheels

Furniture with castors are multifunctional, flexibly usable – and never get in the way. We show practical application ideas for rollable furniture.wheel furniture

Rollable furniture is flexible, multifunctional, easier to handle, change, move out of the way and even easier to move. If the furniture does not have rollers right from the beginning, they can often be easily retrofitted. In the hardware store there are numerous furniture rolls in different sizes; suitable for various purposes: castors, with which you can cover longer, winding paths, wheels with parking brakes for heavy furniture or rigid castors, which can only roll in one direction. You are not convinced yet? Here are 6 reasons why you should put furniture on wheels.

  1. Because furniture on wheels can be pushed out of the way quickly

A kitchen island is a dream for many – but at the same time it also takes up a lot of space. A mobile kitchen island on wheels, you can just push aside, if you need more Laufweg. And if something runs down or crumbles when cooking, you can brush away the stains better. The makers of Sustainable Kitchens in Bristol have used castor wheels with a brake function for this custom kitchen island. The lock prevents unintentional rolling when preparing food on the worktop.

If a piece of furniture is only occasionally used, it does not need to take up space unnecessarily. This kitchen cabinet with cutting board can be easily pushed under the worktop. If you need more kitchen worktop, you simply pull it out by the handle. Here, too, own movable castors with brake function.

  1. Because furniture on wheels is always there where you need it

For tall cabinets, a sliding library ladder is especially handy. The ladder is fixed on a rail at the top and slides down on the floor below. She can neither slip nor shake and does not leave her fixed career along the kitchenette. With this solution, climbing is safe and convenient at every point!

In this office, the mobile working table becomes a true artist. The worktable can be easily moved, depending on where it is needed.

The roll container Ed by L & Z Elements in Berlin is bent out of one piece of sheet steel and, in its simple form, proves to be a true multifunctional talent in the office, living room or bedroom. Sometimes it is a side table, sometimes a trolley and the next day a seat. The drawer and storage space offers plenty of storage space. Thanks to its four castors, Ed can be pushed anywhere where it is needed.

Roll-up TV furniture can be adjusted to the viewing angle or moved to another location, depending on which armchair you want to watch movies from. This practical chest of drawers by Jonny is made of old Euro pallets and additionally equipped with drawers. The four wheels are made of rubber, which allows a simple, noiseless sliding over the ground.

  1. Because rollable furniture allows for double use

Especially in small rooms, furniture must be well arranged and well thought out, so that the room does not seem too cluttered. Especially here comes a roll function. In this bathroom project of the Gebr. Gröger is a sitting on castors under the sink. If you need them, you roll out the stool comfortably. If he is under the sink, he still offers storage space and storage space.

In this kitchen from a project by koopX Architekten , the concrete worktop can be flexibly extended by a mobile wooden plate. At the same time, the wooden structure can also be used at another location in the studio building. With a wine rack on one side, it also cuts a fine figure as a bar or console on the wall.

Trolley and wheels are almost together. After all, this is the task: to transport food from the kitchen to the dining room

With a cutting board on top, this trolley also serves as an additional work surface in the kitchen, which can be used flexibly.

This mobile solution from the London office Chris Dyson Architects has come up with a particularly clever idea. Behind a mobile wall is a folding bed. If you roll the wall cladding at a right angle to the side, the guest bed appears to fold down and the wall cladding mutates into a privacy screen. The rollers under the wall piece allow a comfortable change of the two possibilities.

  1. Because it is easier to clean with furniture on wheels

Cleaning and vacuuming is much easier with mobile furniture. You no longer have to laboriously clean around the furniture, but can simply push it away – so no dust accumulation remains undetected.

Especially large furniture such as beds are often an obstacle when cleaning – you lie on the floor, or push with full body use until the floor is scratched. Rolls – in the case of the bed please detectable – create a remedy.

  1. Because rollable furniture can create more storage space

The M + A Architecture Studio in Houston created a lot of storage space in the small living room of a family house with rollable book walls. The bookshelves stand in close rows in front of each other – after the model of large archives. In rails on the floor, each row can simply be rolled aside, so that you can approach the back books. This rollable solution is a real space saver for thousands of books in the smallest space!

Roof pitches have to be used cleverly so that there is enough storage space that can be reached easily. Twin Cities Closethave placed on the sloping adapted drawers on wheels – you can easily pull out and get to the contents. For this purpose, simple roles, possibly even fixed block roles, if enough space is to move the drawers straight.

  1. Because rollable furniture makes moving easier

Heavy pieces of furniture are a horror to move. With roles, the move is at least made easier – even if you can not roll down the stairs. But for walkways, corridors and all other straight stretches, the roles are certainly practical – and if they are already on the furniture, there is no need for a skateboard …

Do you have furniture on wheels?

Source: indecortrends.com

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