How to Have the Ideal House According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui gives us tips to keep the energy flow positive in our home, so if you want to have the ideal house according to this millennial technique, follow these recommendations.Ideal House According to Feng Shui

How to Have the Ideal House According to Feng Shui

Home and Feng Shui

The Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern discipline that deals with the use and flow of energy to achieve a harmonious and prosperous environment.

For positive energy to flow freely in our home, we must meet certain characteristics, so that the natural flow is not numb or stagnant and causes problems for the people who develop their life in it.

Protection for your home according to Feng Shui

  • For our home to be full of harmony and fortune, Feng Shui gives us a series of tips.
    For example, it tells us that it is convenient to choose a house that has a good protection on its back, that is, if it is in the field, there must be a mountain, and if it is inside the city, a house or building in the part From behind will give you good protection.
  • It is convenient that in front of the house there is an open space (the street, for example), and that it is clear and with a goodIf we do not have that possibility, a front yard or square that faces the same function will perform the same function.
  • Both sides of the house must also have protection, ie two constructions to accompany.
    For example, a house built on top of a mountain or mount has no protection and will be totally defenseless against storms, wind or the sun.
    For the same reason, it is also not convenient to live on the high floors of buildings, especially those whose height stands out among the others. The best floors are low or intermediate.
  • Before choosing a house, Feng Shui tells us that we must not forget the surroundings, so we must observe if around it are sharp objects, such as different types of posts, cranes or antennas, as all these elements shed Destructive energy into the house.

Details on buying a house according to Feng Shui

  • It is not bad that there are trees that give shade, although care must be taken that they are not too close to the house and do not block the path to the main entrance. Neither should it have branches pointing directly to the house. On the other hand, between a winding road and another straight, that leads to the house, the best is the one that has curves.
  • No element should block the way to the front door, as it can cause a blockage of positive energy and, therefore, we will encounter many obstacles in our projects, both personal and work.
  • Feng Shui says that the front door should always be well-kept, well painted, with quality handles, some plant at its sides and a good doormat at its feet, as it is a welcome place for anyone entering our home. According to the account, if the door of our house is neglected, the gods of fortune and luck will pass by.
  • For the garden, nothing better than to opt for perennial plants and trees (that do not lose their leaves in winter), since this type of vegetation symbolizes the health and the life for many years.
  • At the front of the house, you must find the living room, dining room, living room or kitchen. While the back, more protected from noise, is the ideal place for restrooms.
  • The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, so it is not advisable to place televisions, computers, radios or music equipment. In this environment mirrors are also not recommended in the wall or door, they should be placed in the interior of the door of the wardrobe or closet, and the bed should never be under the window, but against a wall, so that Is protected.
  • Regarding the kitchen, Feng Shui says that it is convenient that it can not be observed from the front door of the house, and if it were that way, the door should be kept closed.
  • Lastly, do not forget to keep order and clean the home so there is always good Feng Shui.

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10 Reasons Why Clean House Improves Your Life Radically

Some turn to amulets, others to visualizations and others to the famous “clean” when it comes to clearing the house to give a better energy to the environment. But sometimes not only that is necessary, in fact, perhaps the solution to clean the house, is simply to take things out of it and make a clean in the house of things you do not need, that no longer have a meaning, occupy only space Gathering earth, bugs and memories of the past. Often our home is full of things that make visual, mental and energetic noise, without realizing it.clean house

Why Clean House Improves Your Life Radically

In Home Living we have talked about other ways in which our home can be filled with good energy and worth exploring more to find out the positive effects it can bring to your life and health, and here are those 10 reasons to clean the house.

1. A messy home can seriously affect your health

Let’s start by looking at the other side of the coin – why it’s bad to have a messy home. It turns out that the negative effects of the disorder can be much more serious than you might think. Too much can have an impact on your mental and physical well-being. Among other things, it can cause anxiety, affect your sleep, reduce your focus and increase your oxidative stress. That is an unpleasant combination of things you want to avoid.

2. Make a clean in the house, clean your mind

If your house is hectic, it probably reflects the chaos in your subconscious mind, which impairs your ability to stay focused. Clutter also limits your ability to process information. Cleansing your physical space can help you clear your mind. This often results in a cleansing experience, where you feel lighter and have more room to breathe.

As you begin to separate yourself from material possessions and put more importance on people and experiences, you will feel a sense of freedom.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Living in a messy space may be draining you mentally because it is almost impossible to ignore the tasks that remain unfinished. This creates a constant level of stress, which can deplete our energy, generate feelings of being overwhelmed, and even damage our immune system.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a number of things, and cleaning the house is not the only thing you must do to fight these problems. But even if it helps a little, it’s definitely something to consider.

4. Cleaning the house improves the functioning of your digestive system

The organization of your space can result in the disappearance of symptoms such as swelling, reflux, poor digestion, and inflammation. This can be attributed to the gut-brain connection: As your stress level decreases and your mind becomes less crowded, your body has more energy and less oxidative stress.

Your detoxification processes work well, and your microflora is in balance; in addition, all those lovely nutrients you are putting into your body are absorbed and delivered to the right place. Your antioxidant protection will also improve.

5. Help get rid of the harmful pathogens in your home

Cluttered homes also allow for the accumulation of dust, dirt, pet hair and mold. The pathogens and toxins contained in these things can be a disaster for our health, causing allergies, respiratory conditions, inflammation, oxidative stress and eventually chronic diseases. You may not even realize that you are suffering from the effects of these allergens until you clean your environment.

6. You will have more time

One study calculated that the average person in the city spent a year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. So a little literal cleaning could bring you back to life. Another study estimated that getting rid of so many things that are also messy, can eliminate up to 40% of household chores.

7. Can strengthen friendships

One survey indicated that half the owners would not invite their friends to their homes because they were embarrassed by the amount of clutter they had. The same survey showed that 16% of mothers with at least three children were not allowed to invite friends because their homes were full of garbage. That’s a lot of meaningful lost time with friends, all because people find it too daunting to clean their homes.

8. You can improve your sex life

Hard to believe, but apparently true. One study found that when relationships become tense due to arguments about things such as cluttered spaces, disorganization ends up affecting their lives more than they should. Conflicts of this type can have an adverse effect on your sex life.

9. Clutter can make you feel permanently tired

A study by the Institute of Neurosciences at Princeton University found that people with a disorderly home experienced increased exhaustion as a result of the expansion of mental energy in stress caused by a disordered environment. In addition, as clutter makes it more difficult to focus and process information, you have to work harder and spend more energy to do daily tasks.

10. Disorder negatively affects your decision making

That same study from Princeton University explains that the awareness and annoyance of the existing disorder will wear out your mental state. This can make you more likely to be frustrated, and you can make decisions differently than when you have a clear head.
Source: Home Design

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How to Create Guard Spaces in the Bathroom

If you need more space in the bathroom to keep the many elements of hygiene and beauty you have, here you will find some ideas and suggestions.guard space bedroom

How to create guard spaces in the bathroom

Save everything in the bathroom

The living space is never left in the home. Even if you live in a large house or apartment, it seems that if you do not have enough guard space, the environments will shrink a little more each day.

In the bathroom, this is especially noticeable. This is most likely due to the fact that in the bathroom we have many small items, including personal hygiene, oral hygiene, beauty, creams, lotions, combs, hair fasteners, shower sponges, exfoliators and an endless of small elements without which our life does not seem to be the same.

For this reason, we will create extra storage spaces in the bathroom, without leaving space for this busy stay in our home.

More space above the cup

The area above the cup is an empty space in the bathroom. When sitting or standing in front of it, this wall space is always free. So, use it to place shelves, ceiling or wall-mounted grab bars, where you can store towels, towels, bathrobes or whatever you prefer.

“It seems that if you do not have enough guard space, the environments will be reduced a little more each day.”

If you have a bidet in the bathroom, then repeat this action to take advantage of the space above the appliance. You could even put cabinets or shelves that take advantage of the whole width, creating a unique space of guard to the sight or hidden with doors that protect its contents of the dirt of environment, as well as of the steam of the shower.

Create a piece of furniture under the sink

If you have a simple standing sink, then you have at your disposal a potential storage space. With simple wood, such as DMA or MDF, you can create a board that conceals the foot, with two sides and a front that can form a shelf that does not exceed the dimensions of the top of the sink, so as not to inconvenience the use of the element.

Then you will have two sides available. There you can place simple wooden shelves, or adjust baskets and boxes of wood fastened with screws or with locks (suctions). There you can put items of daily use that do not require to be kept or protected from steam, such as combing elements, toys for the child’s bath, or also body creams and lotions in their containers.

With the same technique, you can create a piece of furniture that conceals the simple foot of the sink. Lay two side kinds of wood and join them with slats. Then, with hinges, place one or two front doors, or a simple sliding curtain. Add the shelves that you consider necessary, and you already have a storage space that can be used in your bathroom.

“If you have a simple foot basin, then you have at your disposal a potential guarding space.”

When you create shelves or wooden furniture for the bathroom, you should try to make them appropriately for this room taking into account the steam and the high temperature. Paint the woods and protect them with varnish, and remember to place ceilings or feet that separate it from the floor, at least one centimeter. In this way, the furniture and bathroom elements will be well protected from the water in the floor and in the air.

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How to Decorate a Small House

If a house is small, it is no excuse not to decorate it. With these simple ideas, the environments will be renovated and even appear broader.How to Decorate a Small House

How to decorate a small house

How to Furnish and Decorate a Small House

Decorating a small house, however, small it may be is not impossible. We only have to take into account some tips to optimize the corners and combine all the elements in a harmonious, practical, and to the taste of its inhabitants.

Keys for decorating a small house

  • One of the factors to take into account in all the small environments to decorate will be to achieve good lighting.
  • Another issue is order; an orderly and clean place will always give us the impression of greater breadth.
  • The blinds and curtains should always be light colored, and the walls in pastel tones.
  • If carpets are used, do not cover the entire surface of the floor.

Decorate the entrance, living room or living room

In small houses, the living room or living room is usually removed and directly enters the kitchen-dining room. In the case of having this environment, it should be decorated with few elements. A vase, a picture, a sculpture, some plant, and a very good lighting is the best.

One of the factors to take into account in all small environments is to achieve good lighting

“In a small house the blinds and curtains should always be light colored, and the walls in pastel tones.”

Use only a sofa or small furniture, an armchair or large furniture will shrink the place, in addition to putting difficulty in free passage and movement of people. It is better to use individual furniture, chairs or tables, to be able to change the furniture of the place for different occasions and thus use the best possible space.

Choose smooth and smooth colors when decorating the walls; remember that the large prints give the appearance of a smaller room. And be careful to leave open the passage to the other environments.

Decorating a Small Kitchen / Dining Room

  • Light colors, simple furniture design and not overloading the walls, will give an idea of ​​greater breadth and order in a small house.
  • Lighting will always be an important factor to consider. Try to integrate the appliances and refrigerator to the furniture.
  • At present, the kitchen designs adapt very well to reduced environments. Use high storage cupboards or shelves, and folding tables that can be shortened or enlarged, in case you need more or less space.
  • Instead of chairs, it is preferable to use benches that can be placed on the table when they are not needed.
  • If the counter is too small, you can adapt a table to place on top of the pool and expand the work area when you need it.
  • The TV should always be placed in a bracket on the wall.

“Light colors, simple furniture design and not overloading the walls, will give an idea of ​​greater breadth and order in a small house.”

When the house is small and it is necessary to separate some area, use as decoration and divider plants or screens instead of walls.

Organize small rooms

As basic elements, we must count a bed, table of light, a wardrobe (if it did not have wardrobe/closet), and a chair. We can place other furniture, as long as they do not obstruct the free passage. Another good option is to choose a Bedspread, wall color, and curtain in shades within the same range.

If it is possible to install a mirror, it will also give an idea of ​​more space, and if you need two beds, it is best to opt for a marine bed model, so you only have to open it at night, and during the day space will be wider.

Finally, to decorate a small bathroom, nothing better to paint with light colors on walls, floors and furniture, large mirrors and very good lighting.

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How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

It is not necessary to move to another place if you think your bedroom is small. With some changes in your organization and decor, our room will look bigger.How to maximize space in a small bedroom

How to maximize space in a small bedroom

Small bedrooms

The vast majority of us dream of a home of vast rooms to infinity. However, the reality is quite different, and the size of our rooms and rooms are smaller than we would prefer. But we must not despair: we can make simple changes that will make the space in our small room maximize, simply and extremely economically, without making structural changes.

Ideas for maximizing space in small bedrooms

The luminosity is vital for the perception of the size of rooms and environments. We must seek a source of well-defined natural lighting, which will expand the atmosphere with its very presence. To block visibility, we will place curtains of light colored light fabrics, allowing for as much light as possible.

To give the feeling of a higher ceiling environment, the curtains should extend to the floor. To avoid that the environment is perceived smaller, we must try that the curtain does not surpass too much the size of the window or opening.

“The choice of furniture will also allow us to maximize a small bedroom. Its size and style should go in relation to space, giving priority to simple lines and shapes.”

The choice of furniture will also allow us to maximize a small bedroom. Its size and style should go in relation to space, giving priority to simple lines and shapes, since the sumptuous appear to take more space from the real. Colors may be darker or more intermediate, as light-colored furniture appears to be larger, making room space appear smaller.

The “loose” elements in the room will take up space. Therefore, instead of furniture shoemakers, we can place the shoes in their respective boxes (or in a shoe container) under the bed. We can also place large bags and bags, and even use them to keep blankets or blankets out of use. This will serve to gain space in the wardrobe or the previous guard area, which in turn, will remove items of daily use of the view, maximizing the space of the bedroom.

A small room should not contain elements or furniture that we do not use. Among these we can find auxiliary tables, racks, trunks or other: everything should serve us, otherwise, it should not be in this small environment. Seize the bedroom space, for example, by placing on the walls shelves to give keeps all kinds of objects.

“To give the feeling of a higher ceiling environment, the curtains should extend to the floor.”

With these simple tips, we will maximize the space of a small bedroom, giving the perception of being a larger environment, and will also allow a better and freer circulation through the interior space, making a place much more comfortable.

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How to Look Sexy when Wearing Boy Short Underwear

Boy short underwear is a style of clothing that was inspired by the underwear of men, but designed to fit the body of a woman.

Boy Short Underwear

Sexy underwear rose embroidery Luxury lace female panties Peony pants women underpants women briefs boyshorts images

This girls underwear style is considered the answer to the much more revealing thong panties: it is suitable to wear under clothes, but offers much more coverage and comfort. Styles boy shorts single underwear and sexy and flowers modest, making it a versatile choice suitable for all tastes, clothing, and opportunities did.

Essentially, Boy Short Underwear seems very short, low shorts, tight, similar to their counterparts, traditionally male boxer.

The relatively short life allows women to wear this style of underwear hipsters, shorts or skirts without displaying their audience in their underwear. Boy shorts are characterized by their greater length, which usually covers most of the buttocks, although the exact amount of coverage varies. Some Boy Short Underwear covers the entire back, while other styles are cut a little shorter and provide less coverage.

Many women choose boy shorts instead of thong underwear because they are more modest, comfortable and suitable for everyday. The thong was once hailed as the best clothes to wear to avoid panty lines that were visible under clothing of light or tight, but many boy shorts have the same advantages adapt more coverage. Seamless Boy Short Underwear thin and elastic microfiber is flat against the skin and stay in place without bunching or mount, which makes it ideal for wearing under suitable or tight clothing. This underwear style is also ideal to wear under a dress or a flowing skirt, because it provides a more comprehensive coverage in the case of a gale or similar wardrobe malfunction.

Boy short underwear can be made from many different materials and serve many different purposes. Simple, styles everyday are often made of soft cotton, stretch cotton, microfiber or above. Colors and designs are limited only by the imagination of designers, but a couple of bare skin tone of the user mapping is generally the most versatile option for practical wear. Sexiest styles can be made from satin, lace or silk and are usually intended to be worn as underwear or with a tank top that matched relaxation. While boy shorts are definitely designed to be worn in public, only exception is in the swimsuit area where traditional cut bikini bottoms can sometimes be replaced with low-cut swimsuit in the same style as on shorts underwear full boy.

sexy underwear girl cotton high quality boy shorts women panty gallery

White Lace Boxers (Blue Bow) Bridal collection new ultra comfy lace and cool cotton waistband

Lunaire Whimsy Barbados Boy Short Women Underwear Pictures

Boy Shorts Women Underwear Fit microfiber boy short briefs images

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Best Things to Consider when Buying Sexy Lingerie

Buying lingerie – The most important thing to consider when buying lingerie is the size, particularly the size of specific bra.

buying lingerie

TM Women’s Jumpsuits Valentine Gift Open Crotch Lingerie sexy women gown

It is desirable that each object to fit properly and be comfortable. Speaking of comfort, many women avoid buying lingerie because they fear it will not be comfortable, but there are many options to choose from which include not only the beauty and style, but also a lot of comfort.

Tips when buying lingerie!

It is not necessary to first select the most daring underwear item. You can choose from nightgowns, beautiful dresses of silk and satin pajamas relax. There are many different styles available to suit every taste and mood. Time short and sexy and elegant, you can choose something that you and your partner will both find appealing. It depends on taste.

Be sure to check the care label. So many of us buying lingerie and other clothes that need special care, and then only at the end to bring these things once or twice, because we do not want to be bothered by following special instructions. Hand wash or dry clean with a voice becomes another chore. It is best to try lingerie that does not require extensive care, and there are many choices that have equally beautiful air without any extra effort.

If you buying lingerie in a store make sure that you can try in lingerie, even if it’s on clothing or underwear. Get the right person can be a bit complicated because lingerie tends to run a bit small. Like it or not, you must select a larger size. Do not feel bad; many women do. If you shop online, measurable in all key areas and contact an online retailer for additional sizing information.

Price is always a problem when buying lingerie, so shop around and compare. Competition in the lingerie industry is high, so you should be able to find great prices if you shop around for the best deal. Why pay more for lingerie, if you are not, especially when shopping online is so convenient? Most online lingerie retailers also ship your purchases in discreet packaging, so do not have to worry about privacy.

buying lingerie

Women’s Strappy Thong Lingerie Bodysuit

buying lingerie

Afrodita stunning red lingerie set open bra and matching strings

buying lingerie

3WISHES ‘Jeweled Python Lingerie’ Sexy Metallic Python Microfiber Set

buying lingerie

3WISHES ‘Get Lucky Lingerie’ Sexy Saint Patrick’s Day Lingerie Set

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15 Best Ideas for a Bedroom with Open Dressing Room

Who does not dream of the perfect dressing room? Today we tell you the best options for a bedroom with open dressing room in which everything has its place, without losing the style and adapted to the available space. Mission Impossible?bedroom with open dressing room

It will be because I have problems with space at home, but lately, I dream of the perfect open dressing room. An open dressing room that allows me to have everything in its place and a place for everything. Where when I wake up each morning it is easy to decide what to wear and above all, where easy to find! But the problem is that I have to adapt it to the available space in my bedroom and it is not much, really. But I still hope to be able to create an open dressing room with style and enough capacity for all my junk … which are not few!

An open dressing like the one in this photo would be ideal but, unfortunately, I will not have so much room and probably you will not either. That is why we are going to see the ideas that I have liked to inspire us in how to get an open dressing room practical and that adapts to a reduced space … but also with style, you come to see it?

A simple bar can be enough to get an open dressing

Small space bedroom

If you have little space, this is the most basic and easy solution … a simple bar to hang your clothes and everything is in sight. And also the most economical. The best option is to hang it from the ceiling as in the examples above, to gain space that will allow you to place under shoes or boxes or, better yet, some drawer or shoemaker. Or you can use the bars with feet and wheels that will allow you to move them to place and have extra space underneath. Earn more storage space by placing a shelf over it, you’ll soon find a use!

Dressing room small bedroom

In this case, surely you can only have on hand what you use most regularly and you will need more space to store the rest in drawers and additional cabinets. We accumulate so many things that it is difficult that with just one bar we have enough today. That is why it will be necessary to take very strictly the change of cabinets every season and get rid of everything that we have not used in a couple of seasons because we will probably never use it again. And if you want to be up to date and also give a creative touch … A tree branch can be the perfect solution. I love! Add a garland of white lights to the branch to give it an even more fashionable touch.

Dressing room

In a dressing room, although we have little space what can never be missing is a good full-length mirror in which we can see ourselves ahead and behind. I love those of a piece that lean on a wall because they bring a lot of personality to a bedroom, especially if they have a nice finish like the example.

Large bedroom mirror

But if you do not want to waste space, you can also use it to place it behind the bedroom door. In it, we can also have some hanger for handkerchiefs or take advantage of the corner behind to create a corner where to expose our jeweler or other accessories as handkerchiefs and have them always at hand. The question is to earn meters for our things, but if we do it creatively it can be that decorative, I’m signed in!

Glass sliding door for bedroom

If you have a whole wall …

If you have a complete wall to distribute your clothes you are in luck because you can find many effective solutions and combine bar with shelves and drawers that will be very useful to save everything you do not want to be in sight. This metal chest of drawers simply enchants me!

Metal bedroom drawers

If you place the bar a little high you can place underneath drawers that will be very useful to store clothes that you do not want to leave insight or simple shelves so you do not need to be hung like jerseys or pants. And add a shelf over it to place bags or hats. If you place it in an orderly manner by colors and with a little style until it can be very decorative. And if you have high ceilings make the most of it with more shelves. Just be sure to have a stool always at hand.

Bedroom shelves

The ideal is to combine bars with shelves for clothes and shoes and drawers for underwear, pajamas … So that you have the option to place different types of objects according to use and whether you want them to be or not in sight. The bars distribute the clothes according to the height and thus gain space below. If you can enable a vanity area it will be perfect for placing your jewelry and you will surely get performance. And take advantage of the space below to put your bags hanging by a bar, perfect!

small bedroom vanity

An original idea is to put the dressing area at the head of the bed and share it with a curtain. For this, you need that the bedroom has enough depth, if not better simply leave it in sight. If you also add a mannequin, were to display some of your best pieces or what you are going to put the next day, as well as practical will give a unique touch to your bedroom. A magazine result!

Open dressing room bedroom designs

Take extra space out of any corner

But assure that you will still have more shoes, clothes, accessories … to place we will see how to have that extra space so vital. In the bedroom, we can use the space under the bed. Sometimes just being a little taller is enough. Or we can use a bed with a container or at least use boxes to store everything we do not need to use every day. It is a perfect place to store the things we wear less or the bedding!

Underbed storage

The cobblers are another very useful element that we can place at different points of the house. Ideally, if it can not be near the dressing area, it would be at the entrance to the purest Nordic style. So when you go out and enter you will always have them at hand. Nowadays we find many nice shoe-making furnitures designed to be in the entrance or hallway areas of the house or even under the stairs. Or if not a chest at the foot of the bed can also do shoemaker, a great idea, do not you think?

Small space bedroom furniture

And if you do not mind showing off your high heels, take advantage of some wall and use them as decoration. If they are well ordered and placed by colors it will look this nice. Give a casual touch by adding travel photos, some handkerchiefs, and jewelry that will turn it into something really special and full of personality, like you. It will be nice to see you!

Wall mounted shoes rack

For bags and accessories is best to create a special area with shelves where you have them handy and always in sight, because if it does not end up happening we always put the same thing. or not? If you do not fit in the bedroom you can do it in a hallway area or if you have an office use room. Give a nice touch with a lamp and some colorful pots. And for ties and belts use the door of some closet or in the same door of the bedroom you can put up a space as great as this, you just need to frame it. What do you think?

Bedroom closets

But above all remember that order is paramount, so try to keep everything as organized as possible and in place. To do this, help yourself with all kinds of boxes and containers that will help to always give a clean and organized look to your dressing room. Transparent cubes are very useful because you will quickly see what they contain. Each season check your dressing room to get everything you no longer need and accommodate the new. You know the saying … renew or die! And if we do not want to die crushed by the weight of all the clothes and the old complements, it is necessary to go out them.

Dressing room shelves bedroom furniture

And so far my favorite ideas to set up an open dressing room in the bedroom that is both practical and decorative, which is no small thing. I hope you liked it and hopefully, it helps you and you can use some of the ideas. I have already stayed with a few to get to work at home. If you want to see more photos and proposals you can go through my Pinterest page. And you have an open dressing room at home? Or do you prefer a wardrobe of a lifetime to have your clothes? Tell me your experience and what you thought the article today. I look forward to reading your comments, as always. We read very soon.
Source: Bedroom

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The Best Ideas for Decorating with Plants

Are you looking for an easy way to set any space? Nothing better than giving life to your environments by placing plants in the corners. Follow these tips to find out how.Ideas for Decorating with Plants

Ideas for Decorating with Plants

When decorating the house with plants you must consider the conditions of each environment, choosing the variety that best thrives in that place.

How to Decorate the House with Plants

Decorating with plants may be one of the simplest and most economical resources at our fingertips. The plants harmonize, energize, clean the air we breathe, and only ask us for a few easy care to give, such as watering and a little light.

But it is not a matter of filling our green environments without considering which ones will benefit from each condition: we must know where to locate them, what to give them, and how to make the most of their benefits. And in this note, you will know!

Decoration according to the types of plants

house plantsSpeaking without technicalities and in general terms, we can distinguish the plants for the home in four “categories”: the succulents, the dwarfs (bonsai), the climbers and the flower pot, which may or may not be hanging. In addition, each may be a flowering plant or a single green species.

Dwarves invite introspection and require special attention. They are ideal for minimalist environments and for people who can devote a lot of attention to them, especially in the training phase (remember that bonsai are “creating” stunting their growth).

Succulents retain water in their leaves and stems, so they need less care. Their bulging form is related to abundance and they tend to be seen both indoors and outdoors, although thorns (including cactus) will have a better location outdoors and in work areas.

“Contrary to popular belief, we can decorate the room with plants. They will bring joy and energy, especially if you place them near a window and if they are green.”

For their part, climbers or vines need large space, with surfaces to cover, so they should be placed outside and away from other plants. Potted plants, especially pendants, are more versatile in location, and you just have to pay attention to your requirements of light, watering, and nutrition so that they thrive and brighten up any space in your home.

Green plants can be hanging or growing vertically, and have elongated or rounded leaves. The pointed leaves are more suitable for the outside and not for the familiar environments because they are emitters of deep and often hostile energies. In contrast, the rounded leaves are softer for the interior, and many varieties are also shade, which makes them ideal for interiors.

Decoration with plants according to the color of their flowers

indoor tiered plantThe flower plants can be combined with the color of their pots, the decoration of the environment or the exterior. The Feng Shui recommends the best location according to the color of its flowers:

  • Red, orange, yellow and fuchsia are more suitable for the North, Northwest and Southeast sectors of the home.
  • The violets, lilacs, celestial and blue go better in the East sector of the environment or the house.
  • White and pastel shades (orange, pink, light yellow) will be more suitable for the Southwest and West sectors of the house or room.
  • Those with green flowers, clear celestial and some white will also be more appropriate for the Northeast and South sectors.

6 tips to decorate with plants

indoor plant potsHere are some recommendations for decorating the house with plants:

  1. In the bathroom, the laundry and other somewhat obscure, dark and often damp areas, look and enjoy bamboo stems, and also some varieties of ferns.
  2. In the kitchen, there is nothing better than taking advantage of plants that promote love and improve family relationships, such as African violet, water plants, and supplements with protective herbs if you have openings or windows there.

In the kitchen, put plants that promote the harmony of family relationships, and include some protectors like aromatic herbs.

  1. In the living room and family room choose plants and flowers that transmit Yang energy, such as the dollar, the water stick, the federal star, potus, begonias and some more.
  2. In windows, balconies and other openings or connections between the interior and exterior prefer protective plants and clean the air, such as cactus, succulents, and herbs such as basil, thyme, and mint. Be sure to place a beautiful living plant by the front door to your home, to attract the positive energies.

“Poplar plants are more suitable for the outside and not for the family environments because they are stations of deep and often hostile energies.”

  1. In the corridor, hallway, stairs and other sectors and somewhat elongated enclosed, low light, exploits the properties of ferns, philodendron, and ficus, to give joy and encourage the flow of energy.
  2. In the dorms, it is said that we should not have plants, at the risk of being taken off oxygen at night. Contrary to this belief, the rooms will give you joy and energy, especially if you place them near a window and if they are green, like ferns, or flowers like an Alpine Violet.

These tips will be useful to decorate the house with plants and flowers, taking advantage of their properties and giving joy, color and life to any space in your home.

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7 Inspirations for Decorating Indoor Terrace Gardens

Some days ago we talked about small balconies with charm and most of the time when we think of gardens, patios or terraces; the first thing that comes to mind is an area outside the dwelling. However, we can also opt for wonderful indoor terraces whether as a natural light source, to divide spaces, to communicate stays or simply because we feel like it! So yes accounts with space to make a small interior garden, here are some ideas and a good dose of inspiration to decorate interior terraces.indoor terrace garden

Ideas for Indoor Terrace gardens

Greenhouse inspiration: enjoy the outdoors from within

This option is the most spectacular and for this, we need a lot but a lot of space but, let’s dream a little before landing in more realistic options.

Spectacular glass houses that appear in the middle of nature and allow us to contemplate their beauty from warm and cozy interiors. Can you imagine having a snack while it snows?

Living rooms were reading a good book, chatting with friends, listening to good music, a different dining room or a secret garden may be some of the options to make in a greenhouse-inspired garden. What do you think?

In addition to the greenhouse option, there are other ways of creating outdoor spaces within the home with the help of large windows and without the need to create a shed outside the home. Rooms, where you can see the stars, enjoy the sea or cook in the middle of the forest, are some of the alternatives that we can achieve with this option.

A small garden light source

When we create an indoor terrace, in addition to getting a green space inside the house we can get an important light source. For the maintenance of live plants, it is important that our small indoor garden is equipped with natural lighting. So it will serve to illuminate our interior space very nicely.

A touch of zen

The gardens of Japanese inspiration are very relaxing and convey much peace and tranquility. Minimalists and very good care can be the perfect choice to achieve the perfect balance in your home.

If you are lovers of Japanese gardens and you do not have outside space to have one, why not choose to create a small indoor Zen terrace?

The low stairs that are often unused could be a good place to create one. Elements such as stones, bamboo or water element can help you recreate zen-inspired gardens.

A garden under the stairs


The bottoms of the stairs are often unused and why not take advantage of them with an elegant garden? Not much is needed and we can choose options that are easy to maintain and that do not get dirty much to avoid unnecessary work.

There are many options we have, from creating leafy carpets to more minimalist solutions. In both of us, we can play with ambient lighting and get magical corners. Do you like the idea?

Plant a tree in the middle of the living room

From the living room or any other stay in your house, can you imagine? No matter if it is small or large, a safe tree will surprise and add that natural touch to your home. Why cut down trees to build houses if we can adapt to them and integrate them into the decoration?

Directly planted on the ground, with a flowerpot or glazed like a piece of the museum to prevent rain from entering the interior of the house. How do you prefer it?

Decoration of interior terraces: The vertical garden

Inside the different variants of the decoration of interior terraces, we can also talk about the vertical gardens. Ideal if we do not have space on the outside or in the interior for our garden. With them, we get a very spectacular effect and it is a way to bring nature closer to the interior of our house.

An interior patio to organize the spaces at our whim

In addition to being a decorative element, it can also be functional and a creative and original solution at any given time. To separate the dining area from the living room we can use an interior garden to delimit the spaces or to indicate the way by a long hallway.

In addition to using terraces or indoor gardens to enhance light, create a green space or take advantage of the lower stairs, we can also use them to separate, delimit, indicate the way, highlight environments or communicate.

You can see that wonderful terraces can be made, depending on the space we have and the possibilities we can choose one or the other and add our more personal style. As always, if you have wanted more, you will find more ideas on my Pinterest.

Which option did you like the most?

Are you more of the Zen minimalism or luxuriant and jungle patio?

Tell me, I’ll love you!

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