Botanical-Look Decor: A Furnishing Trend With Reference To Nature

Since Pantone named Greenery the Color of the Year 2017, the trend of interior design has become even bigger in the botany look. Furniture, deco and textiles with plant motifs bring the beauty of nature into your own four walls. According to Pinterest, over the last few months, stored botanical interior design pins have risen by 75%, making them one of the biggest interior trends for 2018. How to implement the popular furnishing trend at home, we reveal in today’s article!botanical decor

How can the botany look be implemented in the interior?

The botanical-look décor offers us an easy way to reconnect with nature and invigorate its natural impact into your own home. Whether in the form of vivid colors and motifs, natural materials or real plants, the botanical interior design ideas are simply endless. We have collected some examples of each area of the home that you can use as inspiration for your next interior design project.

Botany in the living room

The living room is for many the most popular room in the apartment. Here you can spend time with friends and family and relax after a long day. Therefore, the living room should convey a sense of calm and appeal to our senses. The botanical-look decor is one of the most popular ideas for this room. Nature as a motif is refreshing and makes us feel just fine.

A wallpaper with floral or plant motif gives you the opportunity to give the walls in the living room quickly and easily a botanical look. The same applies to textiles. Whether curtains, sofa cushions or a new upholstery for the stool – the ideas are many.

Shades of green

In a neutrally decorated room you can achieve a great effect with fresh and inviting greens. Everyone knows that green is the color of nature. So if you want to give your living room a natural touch, then you should definitely integrate green into the decor.

Green cushions, lampshades, armchairs and even sofas bring a touch of color to a neutral space and instantly create a new atmosphere. The brave can opt for a new wall paint, such as mint green, yellowish green or emerald green. Tip: If you want to use a strong wall paint, then just paint a wall in the room.

Although the natural deco trend blends perfectly with a country-style living room, it fits in well with modern decor. Minimalist shapes and motifs can be even better emphasized by some fresh greens.

Wall decoration in botany look

The wall décor plays a decisive role in the design in botany look. A few murals with botanical motifs can completely change the atmosphere in the room and create a natural touch.

Do you fancy an exotic touch in the apartment? Then grab plant motifs such as palm fronds, banana leaves or the trendy Monstera leaf. Also known as a window sheet, the popular motif not only adorns walls, but also pillows, bedding, wallpaper and various decorative items. So you can get a touch of jungle feeling in the living room.

Floral motifs for the mantelpiece

Floral motifs and patterns are another way to implement the botanical look in your own four walls. The search for subtle and traditional botanical motifs is on the rise. A wallpaper with a subtle floral motif is perfect for the wall behind the fireplace and can be wonderfully combined with real flowers. The green color is not a must in this case either – you can experiment with neutral colors or delicate pastel tones.

Instead of shades of green, you can recreate nature through the use of wood in the interior. The possibilities are just as numerous – from various furniture in fine wood look to small elements, such as picture frames or other wooden decorations.

Insert houseplants properly

Interior designers agree that the interest in green houseplants as decoration in the living room has increased again lately. Among them, especially large houseplants such as violin fig, rubber tree and the popular window leaf are increasingly in demand. They set accents in the decor and look wonderful in combination with other deco in the botanical look.

In the dining area even smaller plants fit quite well. In addition to potted plants, you can also integrate fresh cut flowers into the decoration. Especially in spring, early bloomers make a particularly good impression on the table or on the wall shelves.

Botany look in the hallway

The entrance says a lot about the residents and the style of the apartment. Design the hallway with botanical motifs to impress your guests at the entrance. Green hall furniture and large herbaria set the botany look successfully in scene.

Indoor plants are not only suitable for living room and bedroom. Also in the hall you can benefit from a few potted plants in different sizes, because they provide a fresh touch in the entrance area.

Plant motifs on the wall provide an excellent idea for decorating the hallway. Choose green or colored plant motifs on a light background, otherwise the corridor may become too dark.

The wallpaper with floral pattern does provide for a charming botany look in the hallway, but in combination with fresh flowers and wooden furniture, the overall picture is perfectly rounded.

Bedroom with respect to the nature

In the bedroom, the feeling of tranquility is a must and nothing can contribute so well to relaxation, as the decoration with natural motifs and in natural colors. Framed plant motifs, pressed flowers or hanging baskets above the bed make you wake up to nature every morning.

Alternatively, opt for bedding with floral and plant motifs to give the room that simple botanical look. The range of natural-inspired bed linen is enormous, so you can always find a nice motif for your own bedroom.

Botanical decoration ideas in the bathroom

Finally, we pay attention to the bathroom. As a well-known place of rest and relaxation, the bath provides the perfect backdrop for a vibrant botany decoration. In addition to a wallpaper with plant motif, real plants and botanical pressure for cloths and curtains ensure a real sense of well-being in the bathroom.

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