4 Tips To Decorate Your Vintage Style Room

With these tips you can decorate your room in vintage style. Follow these 4 recommendations and make big changes.vintage style room

If you are looking to decorate your room but you do not know how, vintage style is an easy and effective option. With this style, your space will look more elegant and eye-catching. In addition, having a vintage style room is fashionable.

The objective of decorating the vintage style room is to recreate modern environments with classic elements. In this way, the atmosphere inspires romanticism and nostalgia for the past. Without leaving aside, the seriousness and the elegance.

So, if this style catches your attention, here you can learn the best tips for your room to be renewed. The positive thing is that this option is very economical, you will not need to spend much of your money.

Renew your room with these tips in mind, you will be surprised with the results!

1. Reuse your furniture

You can start the process looking for items like furniture that you have in the basement, they can be  objects that look worn or old. If you do not have any, go to the relics of your family or ask your friends to give you pieces that they will throw away.

If you need an idea of what elements you can choose to decorate your vintage style room, you can be guided by the following elements. These are the objects that will help you fulfill your goal:

  • Worn wooden trunks
  • Worn chairs with backrest
  • Wooden display cabinets white or with flowers

Make sure that the elements are not very large in size if you have a small room. If, on the other hand, your room is spacious, you can use trunks at the foot of the bed or showcases to place books.

  1. Find old objects for your vintage style room

A simpler option is to look for small elements that stand out from view, they can be antique clocks, picture frames with ostentatious frames, lamps, chandeliers or porcelain vases.

Do not worry if you feel that the elements are very worn or if these no longer work. The idea is that these objects imitate the decoration of past eras. Even if they do not work, the decor will look great.

Another good idea is to use your walls to hang photographs, or old wall clocks. You can also opt for a mirror with an ostentatious frame and an old design. In general, most of the elements you have at home can serve you.  However, if you prefer to go to an antique shop, you can also do it.

If you are a more creative person, you can make small modifications to the objects. For example,  filing new wooden furniture to give the appearance of old. Another option is to paint the objects with pastel colors, white and decorate with ribbons or old fabrics.

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3. Use light colors

The vintage style is characterized by the use of light colors or pastels. You can paint your walls light, which will bring more light to your room. The most used colors for this style are black, white, gray, brown, blue, coral, pink, among others, combine them to your liking!

Another alternative is to put cream colored carpets in the room, these help the whole decoration is integrated perfectly. Mats are very useful, especially if you have a shiny floor. Try to maintain the same range of colors throughout the room, including the curtains. It is very important that no color stands out more than another.

4. Decorate with stamped paper

Stamped paper is an icon of ancient decoration. This was used mainly in walls and furniture and there was a great variety of designs and shapes.

Paper stamped on the wall will highlight your vintage-style room. It should be placed with great care and preferably with an expert, to avoid lumps. However, if you are afraid of damaging your wall, you can use it on small objects such as notebooks, desks or lamps. Buy a floral design paper or with figures alluding to antiquity, then line the objects you want.

Complements the decoration of the paper with natural flowers. A small floral arrangement in your room, will provide more life and a touch of striking color to this place. If you can get flowers similar to stamped paper, it will look better.

Source: indecortrends.com

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